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We’re proud to serve West Palm Beach, FL

The city of West Palm Beach is a beautiful place to see. This bubbling city is located in South-eastern, Florida, and it is home to several historic districts and neighborhoods. A town that hosts a-list Broadway shows, exquisite wining and dining locations, trendy shops and boutique, and so much more, West Palm Beach is a great tourist destination. Besides its impressive historic districts and tourism, here are some other exciting details about this city.

About West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is the county seat of Palm Beach County. Nestled beside the Gulf Stream, the city is located on the western shores of Lake Worth Lagoon, and to the west of the famous Palm Beach – which lies across the lagoon. Although West Palm Beach is not a high-brow tourist city like its island neighbors, the city offers an eccentric hub of financial and commercial activities with history and tourism. It is an integral part of the Miami Metropolitan Area.

The city’s location along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean makes it home to impressive waterways and several stunning sun-lit beaches, a natural haven for tourists. There are several historic districts with fascinating buildings and homes, as well as galleries and art museums. The highly-rated Norton Museum of Art is a major attraction, as well as other attractions, like the downtown Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, the Palm Beach Zoo, and many more. From nightclubs to quiet parks, boutiques to fashionable bars, West Palm Beach has it all. Its commercial and finance sector isn’t left out as the city boasts of companies manufacturing (including jet and rocket engines), high-technology industries, and shipping like Aerojet Rocketdyne, Pratt and Whitney, Sikorsky Aircrafts, and ION Media Networks. To the north of the city lies one of the busiest ports in Miami, the Port of Palm Beach.

Geography and climate

West Palm Beach, Florida, covers an entire area of 58.2 square miles (151 km2). Of this 58.2 square miles, 3.1 square miles (8.0 km2) is water, and 55.1 square miles (143 km2) is solid land. The town sits in the far eastern end of Florida on a 29 km (18 mi) long strip of land. With the Port of Palm Beach to its north and Lion Country Safari to the west of this city, West Palm Beach is a few blocks wide, but more than 100 blocks line its length. In the northwestern end of the city lies “Grassy Waters,” an uninhabited area which is used as a reservoir for the city drinking water.

West Palm Beach has a tropical savanna climate (under the Köppen climate classification Aw) with hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters. The dry season – which consists of its winter season – on this island is dry and sunny with an average temperature of 80 °F (27 °C). however, temperatures can sometimes fall to around 4 to 10 °C (40 to 50 °F) at nights for short periods of cold fronts. Snowfall has not been recorded. This season is the more favorable time for tourists to visit.

The wet season lasts here from May through October and an average temperature of 32 °C (90 °F). This period comes with occasional thunderstorms and tropical rainfall – most of the annual rainfall occurs during this period. Like most of the other cities on Florida's southeast coast, West Palm Beach is located in USDA hardiness zone 11a.

We are offering more than 18 lawn care experts at West Palm Beach to let you enjoy your weekend. By apply best lawn care practices; our expert team can create a healthy and greener lawn for you. Fertilizers are the best way to improve the soil fertility. Early period of April is the perfect time to apply fertilizers to the lawn. Weekly lawn mowing will help you create a thicker lawn during grass growing period. But after this period, schedule grass cutting in every 14 days. February is the perfect month to apply a layer of mulch on the lawn. Also, by applying organic weed control methods during this period will help you control weed growth. Adding perennials and annual summer flowers can be done after March. Before planting any flower, ensure you are out of the probable freeze periods in the West Palm Beach. There are number of services such as lawn edging, tree trimming, landscape lighting, stonework, pruning that we are offering along with lawn maintenance.

In West Palm Beach, you can set your custom yard service plan according to your budget. This year, we are offering weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting services. You can switch between these two anytime according to the season. So, call us today to hire the best lawn care and landscaping services in West Palm Beach and enjoy your weekend.

Landscaping FAQs in West Palm Beach, Florida

What Type of Grass Seed Is Suitable for West Palm Beach, FL?

St Augustine grass is a perfect grass seed to use for lawns in West Palm Beach. This grass grows very fast and can be established very quickly too. It can withstand drought and survive extremely high temperatures. Its tolerance for hot weather and survival range in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils make it perfect for the Palm Beach area.

If you don’t like St. Augustine grass, other options of warm-season grass you can use in Palm Beach are Bermuda grass, Zoysia grass, Centipede grass, and Bahia grass.

Is Mulching Good for Landscaping in West Palm Beach, FL?

Mulching is an excellent practice for healthy lawn growth in West Palm Beach, Florida. It helps to save a lot of energy, and It is waste efficient too. Do not forget its positive impact on soil improvement. However, be careful to mulch properly and prevent thatch build-up.

How Can I Grow an attractive Lawn in West Palm Beach, FL?

The first step in growing an attractive lawn is getting the best grass seed for your soil type. After doing that, some practices should be carefully followed, and these include:

• Proper lawn aeration

• Plant the seeds and overseed if necessary

• Irrigation

• Regular Mowing

• Fertilize and dethatch when necessary

• Control weeds and pests

Is There Any Grass Cutting Law in West Palm Beach, FL?

The city of West Palm Beach has several districts which are: Residential districts - including the historic districts and Downtown Urban Area, Commercial Districts and Industrial Districts. There are also Special Use Districts listed as part of the city according to the Palm Beach County zoning code. Regardless of its different districts, the entire town is subject to the same Palm Beach County grass cutting ordinances. It is best to go through and digest its laws before setting out to work on your yard. Or better still, contact a lawn service company with good knowledge of the city’s ordinances to handle it for you.

Also, for the best lawn care in West Palm Beach, Florida, here are some conditions to consider meeting first:

• Climate type: Tropical Savanna

• Growth season: April to September

• Spring cut height: 3ʺ

• Summer cut height: 3.5 - 4ʺ

• Fall Cut Height: 3ʺ

• Best Brass Seed: St. Augustine

• Best Water pattern: most days during summer

• Soil Type: soil pH ranges 6 – 8.5

• When to fertilize: Late Spring and Fall

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