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Kitchener house yards are cleaned and maintained by Eden lawn care and expert yard work service.

We’re proud to serve Kitchener, ON

Kitchener is a lovely city in Saint Lawrence Lowlands. The former German Mennonite town is now a hub of interesting activities for its residents and tourists alike. Kitchener has a lot of European presence in its past, and as a result, it has many fascinating historical heritage sites. With a friendly population, this city offers you a great hospitality, food and cultural experiences to enjoy. Here are more details about Kitchener.

About Kitchener, ON

Formerly known as Berlin, Kitchener is a fantastic city in southwestern Ontario. A part of the regional municipality of Waterloo, Kitchener is one of two cities (the other is the neighboring city of Waterloo) popularly referred to as “Kitchener–Waterloo” (K-W). Both towns referred to as “twin cities,” and in combination with Cambridge, they are called “the Tri-Cities.” These three cities border each other and are all under the regional municipality of Waterloo, with each having its municipal government.

Kitchener is the largest of the Tri-Cities, and as such, it is an important industrial, economic and financial hub in the region. Several businesses are spanning across the manufacturing industry, including textile, rubber products, appliances, and other essential sectors in the city. Kitchener has a rich history with majestic prehistoric buildings, and a vast cultural heritage with annual festivals held like the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, as well as many cultural display centers including the Kitcherner-Waterloo Art Gallery, Doon Heritage Village, and much more as top attractions. With an active and friendly population, this metropolitan center is also a hub of artistic displays. There is no shortage of exciting places to visit – including places to wine and dine exquisitely, and parks to relax in within the city – the historic Victoria Park is located here too.

Geography and climate

The geography of Kitchener, Ontario, spans over an area of 136.89 km2 (52.85 sq mi), and it has an elevation of above 300m (1000 ft.). Located in the Saint Lawrence Lowlands, this urban center sits within the Grand River Valley, bounded by Cambridge to the South, and Waterloo to its north. Baden Hill – one of the region’s highest elevations – stands to the west, and another glacial feature, the Waterloo Moraine, goes right through the entire area, including this city.

Kitchener has a lot of high points and surrounded by three massive lakes, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Ontario. Kitchener is a city with remarkable seasonal differences. With a humid continental climate of the warm summer subtype – under the Köppen climate classification Dfb, the municipality gets very sticky and warn during summer and very cold in winter. The climatic condition of Kitchener is kept moderate by its surrounding lakes and its elevated location. In summer, temperatures can get as high as 30 oC (86 oF) with an annual average temperature of 12 oC (53.6 oF). In winter, the city’s temperature can drop lower than -20 oC (-4.0 oC) with an annual average temperature of 2 oC (35.6 oF). The average snowfall this city receives yearly is at an average of 63 inches, and it gets approximately 147 frost-free days. When it comes to snow removal, the government clears ice and snow on roads, parks, walkways and facilities owned by the city. residents are responsible for removing the snow on their private property. These owners have to know the city’s snow removal ordinances or get a snow removal company to clear the ice from their properties.

In kitchener, we provide over 15 lawn care experts to give you back your weekend. Our team has trained professionals that will help you create greenest lawn in the kitchener. In Kitchener, you can start lawn fertilization in late April or early May. In the early growing period, you will need to conduct lawn mowing every week. Once the grass goes semi-dormant during the heat of the summer, it will be fine to mow a lawn once in 10-12 days.

At the mid of April, start applying pre-emergent. Organic methods such as mulch are the best way to restrict weed growth in your lawn.

If you are willing to add perennials and want to replace Summer Flowers, starting of April is the best choice for it. But ensure that you are comfortably outside the probable freeze periods. Our expert team will make this assessment and give a complete lawn care plan for your yard We have array of services that you can opt such as tree removal, shrub pruning, mulching, etc. After setting the yard you can conduct spring clean-up. Our professionals are trained to handle anything according to your budget. We are providing weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting services. You can switch between these two as the season dictates. So, without wasting a minute contact us today and hire our services to start enjoying the things that led to your choosing Kitchener as your home.

Snow Removal FAQs in Kitchener, Ontario

Who Is Responsible for Removing Snow From Sidewalks?

Snow removal by-law requires building occupants and owners to shovel ice and snow from their sidewalks and pavements. The city considered this law because an uncleaned path is a potential danger for seniors, disabled persons, and others who use mobility equipment. The town, however, removes snow from roads and streets.

Why Don’t the City Services Remove the Snow From Sidewalks?

The city doesn't clear snow from sidewalks due to budget limitations. Also, as a result of the infinite numbers of driveways, it's expensive and takes too much time for workers and gear to remove snow from driveways.

How Much Time Do I Have to Clear My Sidewalk After a Snowfall?

By city law, you have twenty-four hours to remove ice and snow from your sidewalks. If there's a complaint against you, city services will examine the property and issue a warning. If you dont act before a re-examination, the city sends you a bill for its removal.

What Are the Rules When I Remove Snow?

While you remove ice and snow, don’t shovel it into the streets. If you have a car, follow the tag and tow law, park your car away from the streets. Besides, instruct your kids not to play on the streets or snowbanks. Lastly, clear your gas meter and fire hydrant of snow, and please use public transport if you can.

Who Can Help Me If I Can’t Remove Snow?

Some agencies and companies help with this type of work. If you are overwhelmed and unable to shovel snow, consider hiring snow removal companies to help you. The city also has a Snow Angel program for those who support their neighbors clear their sidewalks. Use this snow removal manual to clear snow and ice from your property.

Landscaping FAQs in Kitchener, ON

What type of Grass Seed is best for Kitchener, ON?

The best grass to plant in Kitchener is Perennial Ryegrass. This grass type requires low maintenance, and is fully acclimatized to the cold weather predominant in Kitchener.

If you don’t like the look and feel of Ryegrass, other options include Kentucky Bluegrass, fine fescue, and tall fescue.

Which Fertilizer Material is Most Suitable For Landscaping In Kitchener, ON?

Go for complete fertilizers containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium with a 20, 5, and 10 percentage weight respectively. Consider purchasing a brand with slow release properties for non-burning effects and long lasting results.

What are the Best Practices for a Healthy Lawn in Kitchener, ON?

To achieve a healthy lawn in Kitchener, you've got to put in a bit of dedicated work. Here are some of the practices to follow:

Before Planting

• Clean up and rake the area to be used for lawn

• Aerate your lawn

After Planting


• Weed, pests and insect control

• Watering/Irrigation

Fertilizer application

Carefully monitoring the growth of your yard and tending to your grasses will keep your lawn in the healthiest conditions always.

What are the lawn cutting regulations in Kitchener, ON?

The land use and zoning in Kitchener is guided by the City of Kitchener Zoning Bylaws. These rules and guidelines can be read here: City of Kitchener Zoning By-laws

We have listed for you the best conditions most suitable for healthy lawns in Kitchener, ON below.

• Climate Type: Humid Continental

• Growth Season: May – September

• Spring Cut Height: 2.5”

• Summer Cut Height: 3”

• Fall Cut Height: 2.5”

• Best Grass Seed: Perennial Ryegrass or Kentucky Bluegrass

• Best Water Pattern: every other day during June - September

• Soil Type: Slightly Acidic

• When to Fertilize: Early Spring and Fall.

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