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Naples is an attractive city in Collier County, south Florida. It is a fascinating seaside town famous for its mix of luxury and easy-going atmosphere. A tourist and picnicking attraction filled with beaches and parks, Naples was founded in the late 1880s. It was named after the sunny Italian province of Naples because of the warm weather, beautiful sunsets, and white beaches. With receptive inhabitants, it boasts of golfing, marine activities, resorts, shopping, and many luxurious real estates in the United States. See some more interesting facts about Naples, Florida below.

About Naples, FL

Naples is the pinnacle of the Naples-Marco Island area. Placed on southwest Florida at the turn of the Everglades, it nests on the sunlit beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the affluent cities in the United States. Naples is a scenic appeal with dining and shopping districts. With tourism and estate development as primary drivers of the economy, it also boasts of beautiful beaches, islands, boating activities, and a culinary experience like no other. Besides, it has a host of golf courses. Naples combines its rich Indian heritage with a blend of art, culture, and nature to produce a diversity that is unrivaled in this coastal town. It is home to big businesses like ASG Technologies and NewsBank. The art scenery displays an exclusive collection of dance, film exhibitions, and music. Check out the Naples Philharmonic and The Baker Museum. An eco-tourist delight also exists, including the Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, and the Naples Zoo. It's rich culinary and shopping standards can be found in the palm frond lined Fifth Avenue South. From restaurants, coffee shops, antique shops, fashion stores, and jewelers. It hosts stylish resorts and hotels, including the Ritz Carlton, Naples, The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club, and La Playa Gulf Resort.

Geography and climate

Naples, Florida, covers an entire area of 16.4 square miles (42.5km2) 16.4 square miles, which 4.1 square miles 10.7km2) is water and 12.3 square miles (31.9km2) island. It is usually frost-free and records about 2,900 hours of sunlight a year with an elevation of 3ft (1m). Centrally located in the municipal and rustic areas of southwest Florida, it is bordered to the East by Fort Lauderdale, to the south, we have Marco Island, and the North by Fort Myers. The closeness to water bodies and its contact with the humid gulf current has a substantial effect on its climate. Naples has a dry type and tropical wet climate (Koppen climate classification Aw). Summers are lengthy and warm like it is in the tropics. Mean temperatures during the day total of 33.9°C (93°F). However, nights are usually 22.2°C (72°F). Winters are brief and calm with temperatures at depths of (11.7°C) 53°F. The mean precipitation in a year is 1422.4mm (56ʺ). Hurricane periods go on from June to November, which carries heavy rains and winds to the city. Frost-free throughout the year, the sea temperatures are (18.9°C) 66°F to (30.6°C) 87°F. Nestling on the Gulf of Mexico, it sits at sea level, and there exists a 10-mile-long beach with white sand. It has several saltwater marshes, canals, bays, channels, and coves.

Eden is offering over 18 lawn care experts to create a healthy lawn for you. Our professionals are pro at lawn maintenance. By applying best lawn care practices, our experts will create a lusher and greener lawn in Naples. For lawn fertilization in Naples, late march is a perfect time. To grow thicker and greener grass, you can mow the lawn weekly in grass growing period. After that, reducing its frequency up to 14 days will be effective. Apply weed control treatments to your lawn in the second week of April. During this month, you can apply organic weed control practices to get rid of unsightly appearance. Adding perennials and annual summer flowers can be done after 1st week of May. Before planting any flower, make sure you are not in the probable freeze periods in your area. We are offering number of services such as spring clean-up, shrub pruning, landscape lighting along lawn maintenance. In Naples, you hire a custom lawn care plan according to your budget. This year, we are offering weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting plans. You can switch between these two anytime according to the season. So, what are you waiting for….call us today to hire the best services in Naples and enjoy the weekend.

Landscaping FAQs in Naples, Florida

What Type of Grass Seed Is Suitable for Naples, FL? Bermuda grass is an excellent grass to use in Naples. This grass is resilient to drought and can handle heavy foot traffic. It can survive extremely high temperatures and salty soils, which makes it compatible with the areas of Southwestern Florida. You might not be comfortable with Bermuda grass, and other options are Zoysia grass, centipede grass, and buffalo grass.

Which Fertilizer Material Is Good for Landscaping in Naples, FL?

Make use of fertilizers containing Nitrogen potassium and Phosphorus. You can use a nitrogen-phosphorus mix only if the soil test shows a phosphorus deficiency. Please follow guidelines on fertilizer application to protect the water quality in Naples, FL.

How Can I Get a Beautiful Lawn in Naples, FL?

Make sure you plant the best type of grass for your soil type. Consider sun exposure and irrigation mechanism too. Here are some tips you can use to get to achieve a healthy lawn.

• Aerate your lawn properly

• Water the lawn

• Plant the seeds and overseed if necessary

• Fertilize with natural lawn fertilizers

• Cut/mow the lawn regularly

• Grass-cycle your grass clippings

• Control weeds and pests

Are There Any Grass Growing Laws in Naples, FL?

Naples, Florida, is divided into different zoning districts which are: North Naples, Golden Gates, East Naples, Estate Districts, Everglades, and Immokalee. Although these districts do not have distinctive grass cutting laws, there Is a code of ordinance regulating grass length and weeds. Check it out here: Naples Florida Code of Ordinance: Environment. The city, being a part of Collier County, also has grass growing and landscaping laws. That said, here are soil and climate conditions for getting the best lawn in Naples FL

• Climate type: Tropical

• Growth season: April to September

• Spring cut height: 1⅟2ʺ

• Summer cut height: 1⅟2ʺ

• Fall Cut Height: 2.5ʺ

• Best Brass Seed: Bermuda Grass

• Best Water pattern: once every three days

• Soil Type: Sandy Soil

• When to fertilize: Mid Spring

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