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Columbus city is best know for municipal park systems, for which Eden lawn care services helps to maintain.

We’re proud to serve Columbus, OH

Columbus is the capital city of Ohio. It is famous for its universities, zoo, and football schools. Named after the renowned explorer Chris Columbus, its first inhabitants were known as mound builders because of mounds they built for ceremonial purposes. Located in the central part of Ohio, this physical location has been beneficial because of the presence of railroads, far-reaching highway network, and an international airport. Besides, its famous for the development of the communications, education, aviation, health, manufacturing, business, entertainment, and tourism sectors. Find out more about this exciting city below.


About Columbus, OH

Founded in 1812, Columbus lies at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers. Being the capital city, it is the most populous city in Ohio and the second-most populous city in the Midwest. While it contains ten counties, Columbus has a multi-faceted economy centered on the steel, technology, banking, hospitality, aviation, steel, and defense industries.

Popularly called the discovery city, it has the Battelle Memorial Institute, the most extensive private research and development institution in the world, and the Ohio State University situated there. Besides these, it is home to NetJets Inc., which is the largest fractional ownership jet fleet in the world. It has headquarters of Nationwide, American Electric Company, Big Lots, and others within its confines.

Tourism is significant in Columbus. It attracts visitors with its food parks, museums and theatre. It holds the Ohio State Fair, Columbus Arts Festival, Rock on the Range and the Jazz and Ribs Festival, etc. Other attractions include Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Big Darby Creek, Whetston Park, Chadwick Arboretum, and the Scioto Audubon Metro Park. There are several exquisite bars, shopping centers, and coffee shops littered across the city.

Geography and climate

Based on the Köppen climate classification Dfa, Columbus has a humid continental climate intermediate with the humid subtropical climate, which features dry winters and warm summers. It has a total area of 577.85km2 (223.11 square miles), while 562.47km2 (217.17 square miles) island while 15.38km2 (5.94 square miles) is water. Found in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6 and situated on the drainage quarter in middle Ohio, the Alum Creek and Big Walnut creek are the only water bodies flowing through the city.

Autumn and Spring are moderately wet, though Spring is drier. July has consistently been the most humid, whereas February is the driest. The annual mean temperature in the city is 11.9°C (53.4°F) while the annual mean temperature in January, July, and December are -1.3°C (29.6°F), 24.0°C (75.2°F), 0.8°C (33.5°F). Snow in Columbus has a seasonal mean thickness of 28.1 inches (71.4cm). Its weather is affected by air masses that come from Central and Southern Canada. Also, wind from the Gulf of Mexico blows through the city in Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Exposed to extreme weather, Columbus, like other states in the mid-west of the USA, experiences loud thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, and hail, are highly likely. Floods, blizzards are occasional occurrences too. Snowfall is comparatively light during winter because it is not in the path of strong winds.

Columbus contains three counties, namely Franklin, Fairview, and Delaware. Although the city has an objective to remove the snow with proper equipment and trained personnel, the counties have specific rules and guidelines for snow and ice removal from the streets. Here are the ordinances for snow removal in Fairfield, Delaware, and Franklin counties.

However, property owners, private homes, and businesses also have a responsibility to clear snow close to or on their properties. Residents who want to hire snow removal companies or clear snow themselves should go through the Columbus snow and ice control guide.

We are providing over 20 lawn care professionals at Columbus to make your lawn lush and healthy. We have a team of lawn care experts that are trained to create thicker lawn from scratch. Early March is the perfect time to fertilize lawn in Columbus. By applying fertilizers in an adequate amount, you can achieve faster grass growth during this period. During grass growing period, conduct a lawn mowing schedule once a week. When this period over, you can reduce mowing frequency up to once in 14 days. Weeds give unsightly appearance to the yard. By applying organic weed control methods you can get rid of them timely. Apply a layer of mulch after 3rd week of May to prevent weed growth. After this period, weeds grow rapidly and become difficult to control. If you are willing to plant perennials and flowers, end of May and starting of June is the best time for plantation. But make sure, you are completely out of the freeze period. Our professional’s team is all set to give your weekend back to you. By assisting you with a complete lawn care schedule, they will create thicker and greener lawn for you. After setting the yard, you can conduct spring clean-up. Also, to enhance the beauty of landscape you can hire our services like tree trimming, landscape stonework, fire features, shrub pruning, etc. Along with the lawn care, we offer several services such as landscape lighting, mulching, pruning, etc. Set your budget and opt for our custom packages for best results. So, what are you waiting for… contact us today and enjoy your weekend at Columbus.

Snow removal FAQs for Columbus, Ohio

Does It Snow Heavily in Columbus, Ohio?

Columbus experiences about one inch of snow for about a quarter of the winter season. Snowfall increases mostly in January and for four to five days’ snow accumulation measures up to five inches. Snowstorms that drop more than five inches are rare events.

Who is Responsible for snow removal in Columbus, Ohio?

Snow removal in Columbus is a shared responsibility. The city anti-ices and removes snow from the streets with sufficient materials, tools, and trained workers. There's a Columbus Warrior Watch program to see priority streets and those that have been cleared after a snowfall. However, occupants must also shovel snow from their pavements. If you don’t know how to remove snow or ice properly, this is a complete guide to help you remove snow from your property.

What is the Best Shovel for Snow Removal in Columbus?

The snow shovel to use in Columbus depends on the accumulation of snow. A traditional shovel is good, but a low-cost shovel capable of dealing with snow is better. An excellent shovel to use in Columbus is the Ames True Temper shovel.

What Is the Most Suitable Salt & Ice Melt to Use in Columbus, Ohio?

The city uses salt to de-ice for balance efficiency and control environmental implications. To avoid any issues with your plants or pets, we recommend the careful application of rock salt or a de-icer like magnesium chloride or calcium chloride.

What Are the Laws Guiding Snow Removal in Columbus, Ohio?

The city of Columbus ordinance code mandates residents, businesses, property owners to clear ice and snow from their sidewalks bordering their properties. It’s also against the city ordinance to plow, shovel, or blows snow into sidewalks or the streets. Scoop it a yard from the pavements, steps, or driveways.

If you are senior, incapacitated, or tired of the frustrating cold work of snow, consider hiring our snow removal experts to help you.

Landscaping FAQs in Columbus, Ohio

Is There a Controlled and Fixed Rate for Landscaping Services in Columbus, OH?

Many factors affect the cost of landscaping services, so there is no fixed charge. The company proffers a price after proper evaluation of the site or location. We will be delighted to meet you, evaluate the area, discuss and tender an estimate. Cost evaluation logistics is free.

What Can I Do to Have a Great-Looking Lawn in Columbus, Ohio?

Plant the right type of grass that is suitable for your soil. Also, consider the amount of time you would have to spend tending to your lawn. Here is what you should do. • Rake and clean the area. • Aerate the lawn sufficiently. • Apply compost manure. • Plant the seeds. • Mow it often. • Irrigate it adequately. • Remove weeds and pests as often as possible. • Monitor the lawn’s growth and outlook. Tend to it with care as much as you can.

Here are also the most suitable conditions you can grow healthy lawns in Columbus, OH.

• Climate Type: Humid Subtropical. • Growth Season: Middle August to early October. • Spring Cut Height: 2.5” • Summer Cut Height: 2.5-3” • Fall Cut Height: 2.5” • Best Grass Seed: Tall Fescue or Kentucky Bluegrass • Best Water Pattern: Irrigate every other day from June – August. • Soil Type: Neutral • When to Fertilize: Fall. Fertilize once lightly in Spring to avoid over-growth.

What Are the Grass Cutting Ordinances for Columbus, OH?

Columbus metropolis has an ordinance guiding grass cutting by private property owners. It is advisable to go through and digest of Columbus grass cutting ordinance to enable you understand the laws before inviting a grass cutting company to your yard.

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