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Cleveland is also known as  "The Forest City" and serves as the Metroparks nature reserve system. Eden expert landscape and lawn care does the right thing to it.

We’re proud to serve Cleveland, OH

Cleveland is the second-largest city in the state of Ohio and ranks as one of the most economically and culturally significant cities in the United States. Popular referred to as the sixth city, its industrial and economic growth has seen a surge of visitors in recent times. The city is replete with historical architecture and landmarks, reflecting its rich history as a manufacturing hotspot. There are plenty of sights and things to enjoy in this beautiful city including art, museums, music, film, television, literature, food, and tourism. Find out more about this fantastic city:

About Cleveland, OH

Cleveland is the county seat of Cuyahoga County and lies about 60 miles west of Pennsylvania. Sitting on the southern shore of Lake Erie, it is the 53rd-largest city in the United States. Named after General Moses Cleaveland, the city was the hub of oil, steel, railway, and automotive industries in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Cleveland enjoys an economic boom from healthcare, manufacturing, biomedical, and financial industries. It currently ranks 31st in economic output in the U.S The city hosts several corporate giants like Jones Day, Applied Industrial Technologies, and KeyCorp. Cleveland is also home to one of the best hospitals in the United States, known as the Cleveland Clinic, with staff strength of over 50,000. With more than 180 tech companies, it is predicted that Cleveland could be the next technology hub.

Cleveland has a successful sports industry, with professional sports teams like the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Cavaliers. The city has a mix of ethnic cultures, creating a dynamic food scene, with the Polish Central European Cuisine taking center-stage. Popular tourist attractions include The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Botanical Garden, West Side Market, Terminal Tower, and others.

Geography and climate

The city of Cleveland sits on 77.70 square miles (201.24km2) of land, and 4.77 square miles (12.35km2) of water. It lies at 41.48° N, 81.67° S, on the south shore of Lake Erie. Cleveland borders Fairview Park, Lakewood, and Rocky River on the west, and Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, and South Euclid to the east. Due to its interior location, Cleveland experiences a continental climate characterized by four different seasons of varying temperatures. The maritime tropical air mass makes summers warm and humid, while the continental polar air mass brings cold winters. Cleveland’s average high temperature is 59.2oF, with an average low temperature of 42.4oF. The coldest month is January with an average high temperature of 32.5oF and an average low temperature of 21.5oF. During winter, residents usually hire snow removal companies to clear the snow on their yard. However, it’s important to be conversant with the laws regarding snow removal in Cleveland. You can check out Cleveland snow removal ordinance here.

We are offering more than 15 lawn care experts at Cleveland to let you enjoy your weekend. By apply best lawn care methods; our expert team can create a healthy and greener lawn for you. Fertilizers are the best way to improve soil fertility. Between February and April, you can add fertilizers to the lawn. Weekly lawn mowing will help you create a thicker lawn during grass growing period. But after this period, schedule grass cutting in every 14 days. Late May is the perfect time to apply a layer of mulch on the lawn. Also, by applying organic weed control methods during this period will help you control weed growth. Adding perennials and annual summer flowers can be done after May. Before planting any flower, ensure you are out of the probable freeze periods in the Cleveland. There are number of services such as tree trimming, lawn edging, stonework, landscape lighting, pruning that we are offering along with lawn maintenance.

In Cleveland, you can set your custom yard service plan according to your budget. This year, we are offering weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting services. You can switch between these two anytime according to the season. So, call us today to hire the best lawn care and landscaping services in Cleveland and enjoy your weekend.

Snow Removal FAQs for Cleveland, Ohio

Does It Snow Heavily in Cleveland, Ohio?

There's about an inch of snow for more than half the days with snowfall. So for an average of twenty-one days during the winter season, snowfall reaches one inch. Besides, snowstorms in Cleveland leave about five inches of snow many times in a year.

Who is Responsible for Snow Removal in Cleveland, Ohio?

Snow removal from streets and roads is the responsibility of the city. Major roads and streets are cleaned within 4-8 hours following snowfall and residential roads within 24 or 48 hours following a snowfall. However, home or business owners are responsible for clearing ice and snow from their pavements after a snowfall. If you don't know how to remove snow properly, here's a snow removal guide to help you with the process.

What Are the Laws Guiding Snow Removal in Cleveland, Ohio?

Firstly, according to the city's ordinance on snow removal, you aren't liable to pay for damages if a pedestrian slip, falls and gets injured walking on your cluttered snow sidewalk. However, this doesn't mean you should overlook ice or snow accumulating on your property.

It's unlawful to leave snow unattended on your sidewalk and it has to be removed by 9 am. If there are complaints and the city has to remove it, you'll pay fees for it. Besides, there is a fine for everyday snow or ice is left on the sidewalk. While you remove snow from your property, don’t shovel it into the streets or another property.

If you're unable to remove snow, make sure you apply lots of sand, salt or grit to it. We know that removing snow during winter is strenuous for many property owners, it doesn’t have to be that way, consider hiring our snow removal experts to get rid of that snow from your home.

Landscaping FAQs in Cleveland, Ohio

What Are the Best Flowers to Plant in Cleveland?

There’s a large selection of flowers to plant in your garden in the beautiful city of Cleveland, but some stand out. Top on the list is the Blanket flower which requires lots of sunshine and little irrigation. Another great option is Daylily, which thrives in full sun and can withstand shades.

How Do I Have a Well-Groomed Lawn in Cleveland, OH?

Taking care of your lawn has a significant impact on your home's appeal. Little wonder the incredible impact landscaping has on the overall image we project to our neighbors. The following steps will help every homeowner keep a well-groomed and healthy lawn:

• Perform a soil test on your dirt before throwing any chemical in it. • Apply Fertilizer to your lawn two times a year. • Water your lawn properly; ensuring it penetrates the root system of the plants. • Maintain a lawn height of about 3 inches. • Aerate your lawn to keep the grass healthy.

What Are the Grass Planting Laws in Cleveland, Ohio?

Residents of Cleveland geographically define themselves based on their position to the Cuyahoga River. Neighborhoods are divided into East side, West Side and South Side. The City of Cleveland has a codified ordinance on high weeds and grass that also regulates landscaping for residential properties. Check out the ordinance in the link below: • Codified ordinance 290.1 of the city of Cleveland

For the best lawn care in Cleveland, Ohio, the following conditions must be met:
• Climate Type: Humid Continental • Growth Season: May – Mid-October • Spring Cut Height: 2 - 2.5” • Summer Cut Height: 2.5 - 3” • Fall Cut Height: 2.5” • Best Grass Seed: Kentucky Bluegrass, Tall Fescue, or Perennial Ryegrass • Best Water Pattern: Water every morning, especially when rainfall is low • Soil Type: Slightly Acidic • When to Fertilize: Early spring and summer

Recommended Services for Cleveland, OH

• Artificial Grass

• Aeration

• Fertilizer

• Landscape Rockery






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