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Cincinnati have houses with lawn, Eden grass cutting service does justice with the lawn.

We’re proud to serve Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is a fascinating city in Ohio. The city is finely tucked on the north bank of the Ohio River in the Midwest portion of the United States and borders Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio. It is replete with traditions, a long, rich history, and a wide-reaching cultural diversity. Originally named Losantiville and founded in 1788, it is popularly called The Queen city because of the rapid growth it has witnessed. The first man to walk to the moon, Neil Armstrong, is native to Cincinnati. Besides, it is also the economic hub of the Cincinnati metropolitan area and known for its theatres, music, transport system, and food. Find out more about Cincinnati below.

About Cincinnati, OH

Placed on the heartland, it sits on the northern side of the confluence of the Licking and Ohio rivers. It boasts of a diversified economy with robust tourism industry, bustling trade, healthcare, digital, and aviation industry. It is the twenty-eight largest economy in the United States and plays host to several Fortune 500 companies, including The Kroger Company, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Macy's, Inc.

A fun city with urban pleasures, it has theatre companies like The Performance Gallery, Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, and Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

Cincinnati is also home to several sports teams like the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Cyclones, FC Cincinnati, and many more. Also, assorted food varieties make Cincinnati the perfect town for food lovers. It offers numerous types of cuisines that are healthy and taste due to its many restaurants.

Cincinnati's cultural wealth shows through its museums, libraries, festivals, concerts, and other impressive events. Residents and visitors in the city enjoy food festivals and other occasions such as marathons, professional bike races, music festivals, and fairs.

Geography and climate

Cincinnati is situated in the southwestern part of Ohio and is the hub of the 15-county "Tristate" region that covers parts of Indiana and Kentucky. Cincinnati downtown district is located close to the Licking River at the confluence where the first settlement in Cincinnati was.

Cincinnati comprises of 206.01km2 79.54 (square miles) and contains several bluffs, low ridges, hills that make it stunningly beautiful and one of America's most scenic cities. 4.14km2 (1.60 square miles) of the area is water and 201.86km2 (77.94 square miles) island.

The city has a humid continental climate with hot and humid summers and gray, rainy winters. 'Cincy' has a high rainfall with the area averaging 44 inches of rain per year. Temperatures can average 24.4°C (75.9°F in summer, while in the winter, temperatures fall to as low as -18°C (0°F). Cincinnati enjoys an average of 176 sunny days per year.

Categorically, there are five districts in Cincinnati, divided further into fifty-two neighborhoods. It receives an average of 15 inches of snow per year. Cincinnati's snow regulations require property owners to clear up snow from sidewalks quickly to allow safe passage by pedestrians. Residents can rely on a snow removal company to help out. Use these resources to find out more about their snow and ice removal guide.

In Cincinnati, we are providing over 15 lawn care experts to give you back your weekend. We have a professional team of lawn care specialists that will help you create greenest lawn in the Cincinnati. Lawn care treatments differ according to the region and atmosphere. For Cincinnati, late September to early October is the best time to apply fertilizers rather than spring. When the lawn starts growing at a rapid pace, mowing it weekly will be beneficial. But you can reduce the grass cutting frequency once this period over. To control weed growth, organic weed controllers are most beneficial. Mid of April is the best time to add a layer of mulch. If you wanted to plant flowers and perennials to your yard, starting of June is the perfect time for plantation. Ensure you are comfortably outside the probable freeze periods.

Our lawn care specialist will make this assessment and give a complete lawn care plan for your yard. After setting the yard you can conduct spring clean-up for better appearance. We have array of services that you can opt such as tree trimming, landscape lighting, shrub pruning, mulching, etc. Our professionals are trained to handle anything that you require. This year, we are offering weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting services. You can switch between these two according to the season. So, don’t waste a minute and contact us today to opt best lawn care professionals in Cincinnati and enjoy your weekend.

Snow removal FAQs for Cincinnati, Ohio

Does It Snow Heavily in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Snow accumulates up to one inch or less for some days during the winter season. However, for about two days, snowdrops amount to five inches. So on average, it has ten to fifteen inches of snow every year. Please be patient and move cautiously during the snow season.

Who is responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Property owners are meant to remove snow from their sidewalks adjoining their assets after a snowfall. Also, the city encourages residents to help their neighbors, especially seniors and disabled, remove snow. If you’re unsure how to go about removing snow from your property, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you with the process.

What is the Best Shovel for Snow Removal in Cincinnati, Ohio?

There are many good snow shovels available in Cincinnati. Any shovel should do the job, but it should have an elongated handle and a broad scoop. A good snow shovel to use is the True Temper 18-inch Ergonomic Combo shovel. What Is the Most Suitable Salt & Ice Melt to Use in Cincinnati, Ohio? It would be best if you used rock salts or any salt brine as anti-icing agents. Also, use salt and calcium chloride to de-ice your pavements.

What Are the Laws Guiding Snow Removal in Cincinnati, Ohio?

Cincinnati has an ordinance (presented above) regulating ice and snow removal on its sidewalks for commercial and residential buildings. This law requires building owners to clear snow from their pavements. If a person falls on a pavement that isn’t cleared of snow, you are liable to pay for any injuries. The city issues a fine for leaving snow on your pavements and sidewalks and it’s up to $25.

If you are a senior, disabled, incapacitated, or with a health issue, and snow piles up around your building, please hire snw removal specialists to remove snow for you.

Landscaping Questions in Cincinnati, Ohio

What Are the Best Soil Conditions for Growing Flowers in Cincinnati, Oh?

Spring and fall months are the best seasons of the year for perennials. Plant annual flowering plants like alyssum, pansies flowering kale in March. Hyacinths (bulbs), tulips, and daffodils flourish best when planted in the fall.

What Are the Best Soil Conditions for Growing Flowers in Cincinnati, OH?

It depends on the kind of flowering plant you're getting. Generally speaking, a fertile, sandy- loam soil would guarantee the optimum growth of most plants, because it contains the right amount of soil types. Enhance local soil by using organic and inorganic fertilizers. However, we recommend speaking with your florist to be sure what soil type is perfect.

What Should a New Gardener Know About Growing Plants in Cincinnati, Oh?

• Ask questions, and don't assume anything.

• If you're not sure about the right type of plant for your soil or the best season to plant, ask experts to maximize your efforts.

• Choose plants that will grow well in Cincinnati.

• Start with the plants you know best.

• Use good soil. Good soil is typically loose, has lots of organic matter and drains well.

• Start small and wait for results.

• Practice and be consistent.

Here are soil and climate conditions for getting the best lawn in Cincinnati, OH:

• Climate type: Temperate/ Humid Continental Climate

• Growth season: August- April

• Spring cut height: 2ʺ

• Summer cut height: 2⅟2ʺ

• Fall Cut Height: 3ʺ

• Best Brass Seed: Kentucky Bluegrass

• Best Water pattern: one to two times a day

• Soil Type: Sandy Soil

• When to fertilize: Late October-Early December

Are there Grass Growing Laws in Cincinnati, OH?

There are landscaping laws in Cincinnati. For instance, residents must cut grass and weeds before it exceeds 10ʺ. See the resource below:

Cincinnati Weed Control Ordinance

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