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Edenapp's lawncare and landscaping services are done in Chicago.

We’re proud to serve Chicago, IL

Chicago is a beautiful city in Illinois and the United States. It was first developed as a passage for steamboats going across the Mississippi and has the bluest waters outside the Caribbean. Popularly called the windy city; it gifts visitors an unforgettable experience because of its bridges, art, infrastructure, and neighborhoods to tour. It is widely admired for its architecture, food, culture, music, museums, sports, colleges, shopping, and dining experience. It has a vast collection of impressionist paintings displayed in numerous facilities across the city. Here are more interesting facts about Chicago’s history, heritage, traditions, and people.

About Chicago, IL

A bustling city on the banks of Lake Michigan, Chicago holds the largest population in the Midwestern United States. It expanded as a water gap between the great lakes and Mississippi River watershed in 1837. After the devastation of the Chicago fires of 1871, the city used its rejuvenating strength to rebuild, which shows in its beautiful skylines, architectural, and construction prowess. Considered the railroad capital of the U.S., Chicago uses more railroad services than any other American city. It is America’s third most populous city.

Chicago hosts many tourists every year with famous hotspots like the Lincoln Park Zoo, Museum Campus, Navy Pier, and The Millennium Park. The city’s Central Business District alone is composed of 135 hotels.

Consequently, it has a robust economy generating a GDP that rivals those of big cities around the world. Besides, Chicago is a point of commerce, trade, telecommunications, education, globalization, and finance. Its art scenery features literature, movies, and music, including hip-hop, jazz, electronic dance music, and blues.

It is home to The University of Chicago and Northwestern University and plays host to companies such as Walgreen's, Boeing and Sears, and many others. Chicago is home to a swarm of media giants, including CBS, WSCR, FOX, NBC, The Chicago Tribune and WBBM, etc. It is also big on the television and movie scene hosting The Jerry Springer Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, and Steve Harvey Show, etc. Besides that, it was the setting for Prison Break, The Matrix and Home Alone, etc.

Geography and climate

Chicago rests along the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. The Windy City further lies on a continental divide stationed at Chicago Portage – the channel between the Great Lakes watersheds and Mississippi River. While a small proportion of its northwest side is in DuPage County, Chicago is the county seat of the United States second most-populous county, Cook County Chicago's median land elevation is (176.5m) 579 ft above sea level, but variations exist in the measurements o different points. Blue Island’s morainal ridge is its highest point at (250m) 672 ft. while the lowest point is the city's lakeshore (176.2m) 578 ft. Chicago experiences constant ephemeral changes in cloudiness, wind direction, humidity, and temperature while still maintaining a climate characterized by warm summers and cold winters.

In July, Chicago's afternoon temperature goes up to 85.0°F, while the daily average temperature is 75.9°F. Whereas January and February produce Chicago's highest degree of cold, the period of December to March is characterized by winter peaking typically up to 36°F. Chicago's summer dew point temperatures extend from an average of 55.7°F to 61.7°F in June and July, respectively. Winters are chilly and snowy and it can go through frigid waves for some days. Chicago is divided into 77 varied and undefined neighborhoods and categorized into nine districts: North Side, South Side, West Side, Far North Side, Northwest side, Central, Southwest Side, Far Southeast Side, and The Far Southwest Side. Although the snowfall can also look timid and delightful, there are laws that compel building owners, tenants, lessee and managers to remove it from their sidewalk. However, if you intend to hire a snow removal company, use this resource to get more information on the City of Chicago sidewalk snow removal guide for occupants and businesses.

By having more than 20 lawn care specialists, we have become the most demanding service in Chicago. Our experts at lawn care and maintenance apply best strategies to create a lush and healthy lawn in Chicago. According to our expert’s opinion, late April or early May is the best time to apply organic weed control methods in your yard. After this period, weeds started growing faster and get out of control. In Chicago, end of May and early period of June is considered as the perfect time to feed your yard. Applying fertilizers during late fall is beneficial for better grass growth. To make your lawn thicker and greener, grass cutting should be done once in a week. You can continue this mowing frequency up to the end of grass growing period. After that, keep a gap of 12-14 days between the lawn mowing schedule. Adding perennials and annual summer flowers can be done after May. Before planting any flower makes sure you are not in the probable freeze period in your area. We offer various services such as spring clean-up, mulching, fall clean-up, etc. By selecting our pocket-friendly services you can receive best yard services in Chicago. This year, we are providing weekly and bi-weekly grass cutting offers. According to the season in your area, you can change your plan. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and hire best services in Chicago to set yourself for the happy weekend.

Snow Removal FAQs for Chicago, Illinois

Does It Snow Heavily in Chicago, IL?

Snow falls more in Chicago than in other areas in Illinois. On an average day, snowfall accumulates up to one inch. For about twelve days during the winter season, one inch of snow falls in Chicago. Sometimes, during snowstorms, more than five inches and on rare happenings, ten inches of snow falls to the ground.

Who is in Charge for Snow Clearing in Chicago, IL?

Snow removal in Chicago is a shared responsibility between the residents and the city. Lots of people need to move around, and because of challenges faced by seniors, children, and people with disabilities in snow, the city of Chicago places a priority on snow removal.

If you’re unsure how to go about removing snow from your property, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you with the process.

What Is the Most Suitable Salt & Ice Melt to Use in Chicago, IL?

You can use rock salts, magnesium chloride infused ice melt because it’s useful, works for a more extended period, and safe for pets. However, it also works for more extended periods and is suitable for severing ice bonds with the concretes.

What Are the Laws Guiding Snow Removal in Chicago, IL?

The snow removal ordinance maintains that business, property, and homeowners are responsible for snow clearing. They are meant to clear snow from sidewalks bordering their properties. Sometimes, landlords have their tenants remove snow based on their rental agreements, and others don't. You are obliged to remove snow as soon as it stops falling. You should remove snowfall between 7 am-7 pm before 10 pm and snowfall between 7 pm-7 am should be shoveled by 10 am.

There is a fine between $50 and $500 for failure to remove snow.

If, for some reason, snow piles up around your areas of concern, and becomes overwhelming, consider speaking with one of our snow removal experts to get started moving the mass.

Landscaping FAQs in Chicago, Illinois

How Do I Know the Suitable Grass Type for Landscaping in Chicago, IL?

You must find out the grass type good for lawns in Chicago. Check the USDA Plant Hardiness Map, where Chicago falls under zone 5. However, below are the grass types that work best for that zone:

• Tall Fescue

• Buffalo Grass

• Bluegrass

• Perennial Ryegrass

• Creeping Red Fescue

• Bent Grass

How Can I Care for My Lawn During Summer in Chicago, IL?

To properly care for your lawn or maintain its luxuriant look during summer in Chicago, here are the practices you’ve got to cultivate:

• Adequate measures aimed at keeping weed, pests, and insects at bay

• Frequent watering of your lawn

• Proper mowing of your lawn

• Avoidance of fertilizer use –wait until fall before fertilizing your lawn

Are There Any Landscaping Laws for Chicago, IL?

Yes, there are laws for landscape development, including weeding, grass height length, mowing, and others. Use the resources below:

Chicago Landscape Ordinance

Chicago Street Operations

• Guide to Chicago Landscape Ordinance

That said, if you aim for a healthy, lush lawn, below are the best conditions that guarantee a such in Chicago, IL.

• Climate Type: Humid Continental

• Growth Season: April – October

• Spring Cut Height: 2.5”

• Summer Cut Height: 3”

• Fall Cut Height: 2.5”

• Best Grass Seed: Kentucky Bluegrass

• Best Water Pattern: Water every day during early spring or fall

• Soil Type: Slightly alkaline

• When to Fertilize: Fall

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